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Strictly barbell has developed over a life time of Angling, from Carp to Cod, Bream to Bleak, we’ve caught it all, but with Barbel fishing we really have found our passion. Match hook baits with loose feed, we’ve all heard it, it’s the basics of Barbel fishing, and that’s what a close group of friends has been doing for the last 15 years in the rivers around Yorkshire. It’s during this past 15 years that we’ve had to mix different brands of Carp clothing or sports wear, and just simply make do when ever we’re at the bank. From a small town in Yorkshire we have devolved into the first true Barbel Brand, dedicated to providing Barbel Anglers with high quality, fit for purpose fishing attire, something they’re proud to wear. Finding the right location is by far the most important aspect of barbel fishing. The second is having the right equipment, this includes your clothing, Fish in style, Catch in comfort, Cast in SB

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